Brave hearts, bad sleep, empty minds

During school term, adolescents are busy people. Fitting in a school day, homework, sporting commitments, family time, social life and just time to relax can often mean sleep time is eroded. But what are the effects of an adolescent regularly not getting a full 9 hours of sleep a night? - Continue Reading

The double paradox of teen "back to school" sleep

After a long summer holiday, why are teachers and parents seeing many teenagers returning to school in an exhausted and sleep deprived state? Why, also, do they seem, paradoxically, to be most sleepy first thing in the mornings, and over flowing with energy in the evenings? - Continue Reading

Would you hire a maths tutor with 3 hours of knowledge?

So called “Sleep Coaches” are cashing in on the desperate parents of poorly sleeping children. Reuters Health report that more than half of paediatric sleep coaches have no prior health care or educational experience. Anyone can be a sleep coach! - Continue Reading

Children with irregular bedtimes more likely to have behavioural difficulties

Now researchers from the UK have found that children with irregular bedtimes are more likely to have behavioral difficulties. - Continue Reading

New study - kids who're night owls perform worse at school

Teenagers who go to bed late during the school year are more prone to academic and emotional difficulties in the long run, compared to teens who’re in bed earlier, according to a new study from University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). - Continue Reading

Poor behaviour in children. Is it really ADHD? Or sleep deprivation?

What if some of those children who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD are, in fact, suffering from another disorder altogether - chronic sleep deprivation? - Continue Reading

4 behavioural signs your child is sleep deprived

In Dr Chris Seton’s medical practice, one of the signs he looks for in sleep deprived children and teenagers is their behavior, which changes dramatically with every hour lost in regular night time sleep. - Continue Reading

Giving nightly melatonin - are you sure it's safe for your child?

Regularly in Dr Chris Seton’s medical practice, parents ask if it’s okay to give melatonin to help their child sleep better. Lets take a look at Dr Seton's advice on nightly melatonin supplements and the relevant medical research. - Continue Reading